DU CAMPO é a primeira empresa brasileira produtora de mudas de eucalipto associada à FPC – Forest Productivity Cooperative. Fonte: assessoria Du Campo | 24/11/2014

    FPC - Forest Productivity Cooperative



    The mission of the Forest Productivity Cooperative is to create innovative solutions to enhance forest productivity and value through sustainable management of site resources.

    The FPC strives to discover new knowledge and disseminate information to members that is needed to enhance productivity, profitability and sustainability of forest plantations through improved silvicultural practices that optimize site resources. The principal objectives are to:

    1.  quantify natural resources availability (nutrient, water, light) and environmental stresses in forest plantations;
    2.  determine the mechanisms by which silvicultural treatments influence resource availability, resource use, resource use efficiency and stand growth;
    3.  quantify the relationships among site resource availability, genetic attributes, carbon gain and partitioning, and ultimately, stemwood production and quality; and
    4.  develop tools needed to implement site-specific silvicultural systems to increase the production efficiency, profitability and sustainability of forest plantations.

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